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The Must List for Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How segregated is Chicago, and does it matter?

We constructed a segregation score for each Chicago community area by looking at the fraction of the population that blacks, whites, Latinos, and Asians account for

IRS problems don’t deter Daley pal from seeking development deal

Rich’s friend Jack is back in contention for the big prize in one of the highest-stake games in the local political sandbox. Never mind that Jack owes Uncle Sam a whole lotta jack.

Mayor to top cop: End disparities in pot possession enforcement

Sneed has learned that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is ordering top cop Garry McCarthy to explain why misdemeanor marijuana possession means one thing on the North Side — and a very different thing on the South and West Sides.

Cubs showcase revised expansion plan with $575 million pricetag

The Cubs on Tuesday showcased — and put a $75 million pricetag on — their revised plan to add more signs, seats and lights at Wrigley Field and said if the team is not allowed to “control our ballpark,” it would consider moving and look first at other Chicago sites.

On second try, Senate passes ‘cupcake girl’ legislation

At first, it looked like the “cupcake-girl” bill suffered the same fate as an overbaked batch of brownies or cookies: It got tossed.


Kerry rips Snowden for ‘dumb answer,’ tells him to ‘man up’ (Early & Often)

Obama seeks to shift foreign policy to postwar era (Early & Often)

What do you look for in a president? (Slate)

Donald Trump has a new theory about Obama’s birth certificate (Buzzfeed)

Nancy Pelosi: The Vox conversation (Vox)

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