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Rahm Emanuel hits the road to feed critical workers during pandemic

The energetic former mayor delivers food from Manny’s to health care providers at four hospitals.

Former Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently at Manny’s legendary downtown deli.
Provided photo

Rahm’s tray way . . .

Rahm Emanuel is isolating.

Well, sort of.

When the exercise enthusiast is not biking, rowing in his basement or walking in the forest preserves at proscribed distances, the former mayor is hanging out in the house with wife, Amy, during the pandemic.

Last week, Emanuel — once known as the Rocketman for his energetic mojo — headed to Manny’s legendary downtown deli — where he and his pals like to nosh.

That’s when Emanuel became the Serviceman.

  • To wit: After collecting eight trays of sandwiches and cookies, Emanuel and Amy put on their gloves and personally delivered the yummies to health care providers at four major Chicago hospitals.
  • First stop in the family car: Mount Sinai Hospital “because that is where my father, a doctor, and my mother, who was a nurse, met,” said Emanuel.

“My parents were always about being ‘of service,’” said Emanuel, who parked outside a designated hospital door where he loads food onto rolling tray carts with gloved hands.

  • Next stop: “We then hit Northwestern hospital where my dad once taught; followed by U of Chicago hospital which services the South Side; and UIC hospital which services the West Side.”

Emanuel, an avid reader, just devoured Erik Larson’s “The Splendid and the Vile,” about the bombing of London. Emanuel is also an admitted new Netflix addict “now that I have time to do so,” now tuning in “the third episode of series five of “ ‘Peaky Blinders,’ about a gang in Birmingham, England, after World War I.”

“Our daughters are social distancing at our cottage; and our son is away; Amy and I are going for walks; sharing funny and insightful articles, cartoon jokes,” he said.

Then he added some advice: “Just remember to exercise. It helps the immune system,” said Emanuel, rushing out the front door after eating his morning yogurt, granola and fresh fruit.

Please pass the banana.