Will you still wear a mask even if you’re fully vaccinated? What Chicagoans told us.

Most people who responded to our survey said they plan to continue wearing a mask at times — to stay safe, reassure others and maybe also help protect themselves from colds.

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Now that so many people are fully vaccinated, the question becomes when — or if — to still wear a face mask.

Now that so many people are fully vaccinated, the question becomes when — or if — to still wear a face mask.

Ashlee Rezin Garcia / Sun-Times

Now that the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says Americans who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 no longer need to wear masks indoors and outdoors in most cases, we asked: Do you plan to still wear a mask at times?

Some answers have been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

“Yes! I will wear my mask when I’m around others who might not be vaccinated, like at the grocery store. I have young children at home. Since we have been vigilant throughout the pandemic in following the precautions, I won’t be stopping now on the off chance I could pass it along to them, however slight a chance it might be. If I’m around friends and family who have all been vaccinated, I feel very comfortable ditching our masks then.” — Karen Burcham

“Yes, because not everyone is able to get the vaccine. Plus there are still people who are immune compromised that could still be effected. I’m doing it to help others. It’s not that difficult to think of someone other than you.” — Maggie Anderson

“Yes. I have children that haven’t been able to be vaccinated. I want them to be as safe as we can keep them.” — Heather Burkhalter

“Yeah — for two reasons. First, just to be on the safe side. Second, even though I received my vaccine, no one would believe I got it unless I show them my vaccination record card.” — Jim Lewis II

“If the vaccine works, why would you?” — Karen Woithon Mayer Loper

“No. I have followed the rules the entire pandemic, and I am fully vaccinated now. I have no interest in wearing a face diaper anymore.” — Emily Peter

“Nope, not unless a business, doctor, etc. requires it. I might keep the mask on forever on airplanes. I didn’t miss those nasty colds and sinus infections. I’ll also wear it if I’m sick to avoid passing on my sad germs. Lots of good lessons here.” — Alyce Morgan

“Definitely. I haven’t been sick since the pandemic started. I think they help in not catching/spreading anything at all!” — Camille Serpe Becker

“I hate masks. But what I hate more are gross people sneezing/coughing and wiping germs all over in public. For that reason, I say keep wearing masks even though I hate them.” — Sarah Ferry

“Yes, because none of these stores will be monitoring who is vaccinated and who is not.” — Brittany Sagat

“Yes, because I have to relearn how to control my facial expressions.” — Tracie Ellis

“I’m gonna wear a mask if someone asks me to because I’m a considerate person, and I like to make sure my community feels safe.” — Naomi Bishop

“Just because I think anti-vaxxers are making poor choices doesn’t mean I wish them to be ill/die. I will continue to wear my mask until a vast majority of all people are vaccinated.” — Michelle Robinette Das

“I’ll continue wearing it as needed. Grocery stores, the CTA and any place where I could encounter immune-compromised folks. It’s an easy thing to do to help protect others.” — Dustin Diggory

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