Alleged getaway driver charged in motel murder during robbery, botched drug deal

Glen Humes appeared to pass out in court during his bond hearing Thursday. He is charged in the murder of 35-year-old Sarah Donohue in Norwood Park.

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A woman was found shot to death June 29, 2020, at the Esquire Motel, 6145 N. Elston Ave.

Glen Humes was charged in the June 29 murder of Sarah Donohue, of Kentucky. He was also charged with robbery.

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The alleged getaway driver in a murder during a robbery and botched drug deal at a Norwood Park motel appeared to pass out in court in the middle of his bond hearing Thursday.

“He fell straight back and hit his head,” a Cook County sheriff’s deputy said of Glen Humes, who was rushed to the hospital as prosecutors went on to describe his alleged role in the June 29 murder of Sarah Donohue, of Kentucky.

Humes had set up the drug deal and robbery that led to 35-year-old Donohue being shot in the back of the head at the Esquire Motel, 6145 N. Elston Ave., Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said.

Humes showed up to the motel at 9 a.m. that morning and hung out in the room talking with Donohue and a 64-year-old man about a drug sale, Murphy said.

Two hours later, a pair of men who knew 37-year-old Humes showed up outside the motel and knocked on the room, Murphy said. As Donohue cut up crack on a table and counted money, the 64-year-old man looked outside and said he didn’t recognize the person knocking, Murphy said. Humes said the man must be with him, so he let him in, Murphy said

While the other man waited outside as a lookout, the man who had knocked pulled out a gun when he was inside and demanded everything from Donohue, Murphy said.

Donohue turned to the gunman and tried to grab his gun, but the gunman pulled away and shot her once in the back of her head, killing her, Murphy said.

Humes and the gunman took $800 that the 64-year-old had mentioned was hidden under the mattress, the drugs on a table and Donohue’s cellphone before leaving in a car driven by Humes, Murphy said.

Investigators were able to identify Humes’ license plate number from surveillance video and track his cellphone movements.

The 64-year-old man also identified Humes in a photo lineup, Murphy said.

Humes, who was free on bond for a pending drug case, was arrested Tuesday after he drove away from officers and crashed into an undercover police car. During a foot chase, officers allegedly saw Humes ingest a plastic bag of suspected drugs. He was taken to a hospital for treatment following his arrest.

Judge Mary Marubio ordered Humes held without bail Thursday for first-degree murder and robbery.

He is expected back in court on Sept. 11.

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