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Seth Meyers talks Emmys, SNL in new interview

In a recently published interview with Vulture, Northwestern alum and former Boom Chicago member Seth Meyers ruminated about his days at SNL, his current talk show and his upcoming gig hosting this year’s Emmys.

On not being at SNL anymore

It’s not boring! But it is a better job for the place I am in my life. I mean technically it’s more boring than SNL, but it’s great for a 40-year-old man who’s married and also wants to get home before, you know, one in the morning. But it has completely filled the gap.

On hosting the Emmys

At least for me, I haven’t had to take on one of these things before I was ready. But it’s super weird because it’s the first one that I’ve done where the people in the audience are also entertainers. Everything else, even if I bombed, I’d still be funnier than most of the people there. That part of it is terrifying.

Read the whole thing here.