Chat with Lynn Sweet on Wednesday

SHARE Chat with Lynn Sweet on Wednesday
SHARE Chat with Lynn Sweet on Wednesday

Want to know what’s going on in the political world? Get your typing fingers ready to talk presidential politics with Sun-Times Columnist and Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet via instant message.

The fun begins on Wednesday at noon. Bookmark this page, and come back here at noon on Wednesday to start posting your questions. At 12:30 Lynn will log on to answer your questions and get you the inside scoop. Don’t miss out, though! She has deadlines to meet and will be signing off at 1.

(Note: You’ll need a free Ustream account to partake in the chat. Save time, and sign up now by clicking here.)

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Gov. J.B. Pritzker applauded the decision: “Since day one of this humanitarian crisis, I have heard one thing from migrant families and their advocates — they want to build better lives and work.”
Steele has been charged with six runs in each of his last two starts.
Relatives created a GoFundMe page to raise funeral expenses for the slain couple and their two children. “These were hardworking people that had just bought their first home,” organizers wrote. “Their kids were the sweetest most innocent angels who could hug your worries away.”
Mr. Hoge didn’t hesitate to sign off on the Mirage Tavern sting when reporter Pam Zekman pitched it to him while walking across the Michigan Avenue Bridge in 1977.