Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman - Oddest. Interview. Ever.

SHARE Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman - Oddest. Interview. Ever.
SHARE Joaquin Phoenix and David Letterman - Oddest. Interview. Ever.

If you missed the Late Show with David Letterman featuring an interview with Joaquin Phoenix, you missed an exercise in squirmingly uncomfortable comic gold.

Phoenix was on to tout his new movie or his hip hop career or … well … who knows, really. Truth is, he might be the new Doublemint spokesman for all the gum chewing he did in lieu of actual speaking or human interaction.

The more Dave tried to draw him out, the more Phoenix stared through his amazing nest of facial hair and dark sunglasses in stunned silence. Or when he did manage to mumble verbal communication, it seemed to be more of an out-of-body attempt to examine his own unbelievability with Letterman, marveling at the audiences laughter at his nonsense and Dave’s prodding.

Of course, the Internets, Twitter and such were abuzz with talk of “just what the hell is wrong with this guy?” through the night. Was he as high as Michael Phelps? Is he just a jerk? What’s up with that beard?

Time will tell, of course.

One thing’s for sure, I don think we’ll be seeing him channeling Matisyahu on the Late Show anytime soon.

Oh, and some of you wondered if maybe Crispin Glover deserves a mention in the Odd Letterman Appearance Hall of Fame for his infamous 1987 show. I think the statute of limitations has ended on that, but here it is for you to judge for yourselves:</p?

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