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Turner believes expectations were too great for Cutler

Chicago Bears offensive coordinator Ron Turner said during a radio interview today that Jay Cutler was saddled with immense expectations.

“He came into a difficult situation with the expectations as high as they were,” Turner said on ESPN Radio in Chicago, via Pro Football Talk. “As soon as he got here everybody said ‘Jay Cutler is here,’ and now the expectations went through the roof.

“I don’t know if that was realistic with the issues we had on the offensive line and with the young receivers. We all knew it was going to take some time. I’m not sure anybody else did. I think there was a huge weight on his shoulders to come in and really produce at a high level.”

That may well be the case. But, its hard not to have huge expectations for a player who cost the team a veteran starter, two first-round picks and — AND — a third-round pick.

Cutler flashed his potential throughout the season. But, he wasn’t consistent enough, as his league-high 26 interceptions would suggest.

I haven’t watched all of the Bears games. But, from what I saw, I never felt Turner really understood how to use receiver Devin Hester.

Instead of aimlessly sending him down the field, Turner should have been pushing plays that get him the ball quickly and empower him to generate yards after catch. That also would spared Cutler a few more blows.

Additionally, I found Turner to be extremely predictable. I think Cutler threw so many red-zone interceptions because they kept dialing up the same plays, over and over!

But, maybe I’m crazy…