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Angelo on backup QB, his new role

Jerry Angelo discusses his new role in the front-office and whether the team will sign a veteran backup for Jay Cutler in his bi-monthly interview with Larry Mayer at

Offensive coordinator Mike Martz admitted that not having an experienced quarterback behind Cutler made him nervous during a recent minicamp. Does that mean the Bears will seek more experience at a position that also includes inexperienced Caleb Hanie, Brett Basanez and sixth-round pick Dan LeFevour?

“We’re still exploring that,” Angelo told Mayer. “Last year we went with Caleb [Hanie] as the backup and Brett [Basanez] on the practice squad. So we’re at least where we were last year. We did draft Dan LeFevour in the sixth round, and we like Dan. So we have some parts in place already and we’ll just see.”

Angelo also said his role will change with the addition of Tim Ruskell, who was named director of player personnel last week.

“Tim’s going to have more latitude to do things, Angelo said. “I’ll still have a role in college. Maybe I’ll have more of a role in the pro. When Tim gets here, we’ll be able to sit down, talk and create a plan to maximize our efforts and expertise in personnel. Having worked with Tim helps because we share a commonality in philosophy that will expedite the feeling-out process that you normally go through when you hire people in management positions. We’ll be able to share ideas and create a relationship needed to lead and grow our organization.”

Angelo also discussed the secondary and Major Wright’s opportunity to start as a rookie during the interview. He’s the link: