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Biggert snags education nod in 11th

The National Education Association/Illinois Education Association announced it is backing U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert in a tough battle over the 11th congressional district.

The nod comes as Biggert is trying to hold onto her long-held seat in the district. She is battling ex-incumbent Bill Foster.

Kathi Griffin, vice president of the Illinois Education Association, said the group bases its endorsement on a candidate’s record. Griffin said Biggert’s work with education was laudable.

When asked, the group though didn’t have anything negative to say about Biggert’s opponent.

The NEA-IEA typically backs Democrats, but does endorse some Republicans. For instance, Republican Bob Dold in the 10th also won the endorsement.

Biggert, a moderate, supports teachers’ unions.

“Education unions are the teachers,” Biggert said today. “They are the ones who are training our kids to compete in this world.”

A Foster spokesman said he, too, has had the support of teachers throughout the district, including the support of the Illinois Federation of Teachers.