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Duckworth: "I'm not going to grandstand with you, Joe."

If you wanted a debate. You got one.

Tammy Duckworth and Joe Walsh are verbally duking it out on stage before hundreds of people, who are yelling out to candidates, whistling, booing.

At one point, moderator Paul Green told everyone to calm down or else they’d have to “pass out the togas.”

Duckworth and Joe Walsh each said they had talked about their sit-down discussions with the owners of Chicago Prime Steak House in Schaumburg about health care. Walsh used it as an example of people who needed Obamacare repealed. Duckworth said she heard a very different story from them, then suggested he was spending too much time talking instead of listening.

That got Walsh going.

“I have a wager for Ms. Duckworth. Why don’t you and I sit down together with the owners’ of Chicago’s Prime Steakhouse,” Walsh said. If it turned out that Walsh’s version of the story was true: “I will contribute $2,500 to your campaign.”

Duckworth had a firm answer: “I’m not going to grandstand with you, Joe.”