Ramble with Storm: Weather words after Thanksgiving

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Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

If I was doing the weather word for the Sun-Times (the one other job I envy), I would begin mulling “brisk” and hope that something snappier occurred to me.

I have not yet picked up my daily paper, so I don’t know what the weather word for the day is yet.

Did you know there is an actual weather listing for brisk? From the National Weather Service Glossary comes this: “15 to 25 mph winds.”

That about perfectly describes this morning.

What a dramatic weather change. Almost a 30-degree difference from yesterday.

I pulled on four layers before setting out on the extended ramble with the meathead. Considering what I ate for Thanksgiving, I probably should be doing two or three extended rambles for a week.

With two hoods over my ears, I did not expect to hear much in terms of wildlife and with the wind I didn’t expect to see much.

Correct on both counts.

I only heard some Canada geese on the lake to the west. I didn’t hear or see the belted kingfisher.

I didn’t any other wildlife. I suspect the wind has even the multitude of squirrels in town hunkered down.

The storefront gym was dark this morning. That surprised me. I had expected it to be hopping with people feeling guilty after overeating yesterday.

The wind insistently howls around the edge of the house and the trees. It sounds wintry, which, BTW, is not officially defined in the weather word glossary.

Time to roust the family.

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