Twitter, social media explode in wake of Romney ’47 percent’ video

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Twitter explodes over Romney 47 percent video comments

A look at the “47 percent” firestorm as it went viral on social media Monday.

Storified by Craig Newman · Mon, Sep 17 2012 21:28:18

Mitt Romney pauses during press conference about leaked video in Costa Mesa, Calif. via @AP DharapakMitt Romney on Obama VotersSECRET VIDEO: Romney Tells Millionaire Donors What He REALLY Thinks of Obama VotersDuring a private fundraiser earlier this year, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told a small group of wealthy contributors what he truly thinks of all the voters who support President Barack Obama. He dismissed these Americans as freeloaders who pay no taxes, who don’t assume responsibility for their lives, and who think government should take care of them.Leaked Romney "47%" video goes viral; trending on Twitter – Sun-Times PoliticsMother Jones video #RomneyEncore is trending on Twitter tonight following a leaked video earlier today featuring Mitt Romney telling a group of wealthy donors at a private fund-raiser earlier this year that 47 percent of Americans take government hand-outs. A series of videos from that same event were posted on Mother Jones’ Web site earlier today.Romney tries to put out firestorm from leaked video – Sun-Times PoliticsMitt Romney holds a news conference Monday night responding to the leaked entitlement video that’s causing huge headaches for his campaign tonight. "It’s not elegantly stated, let me put it that way. I was speaking off the cuff in response to a question.Is there an elegant way to say you don’t care about 47% of the American people?Here’s the transcript of Romney’s press conference today (and yes, the full video is coming soon): @MotherJones: Guys, the fact that Romney held #47percent fundraiser at sex party hedge funder isn’t our #RomneyEncore. That comes tom …In press conf Romney said he hoped "whoever" leaked the video would release the whole thing. Ah, his wish will be granted soon! @MotherJonesSo @MittRomney calls #47percent of us welfare cheats & tax dodgers. I’ll show you my tax returns if you show me yours funny that most of the non-payers live in red states says nearly half of Americans don’t pay taxes, ‘believe they are victims’: -AB47% of america is not good enough for Romney. #RomneyEncoreRT @thedailybeast: "The Romney campaign has suddenly turned into a circular firing squad," says @HowardKurtz #47percentRT @jimlairbeard: It takes some brass to insult 47% of Americans and not show your own tax returns. #RomneyencoreAnother reason Mitt Romney doesn’t want to release his tax returns: they may reveal he’s an Obama voter.Breaking News: Picture of President Obama at the White House watching the leaked Mitt Romney video. #RomneyEncoreCaptain PajamasMitt Romney, the guy who pays no taxes on millions of dollars thinks you’re a welfare freeloader. God Bless 47% of America! #RomneyEncoreRT @MoveOn: "@AriBerman: Romney is the last person on earth who should lecture others about not paying taxes" #47PercentWhat will Romney do for an encore? Condemn people who don’t save enough for a weekend house? Use #RomneyEncore hashtagRT @maxhandelman: I wonder what the Daily Show and Colbert Report writing staffs are up to at the moment? #romneyencore#RomneyEncore Shiny object talking points by libs to divert the subject away from 4 dead Americans in the Middle East.RT @kelseycombe: I think we should all donate 47 dollars to Obama tonight. #RomneyEncoreRT @king_davidwale: can a presidential candidate be impeached… #RomneyEncore #obama2012RT @Tamarabrams: #RomneyEncore New verb: to "Romney." Meaning: to hold in contempt anyone who doesn’t look, think or bank like you.Romney, who criticizes Obama for dividing the nation, divided the nation into two groups: the makers & the moochers That’s higher than Romney’s polling. And also, under his own tax plan, wouldn’t Romney fall under that number? #RomneyEncoreRT @chrisrockoz: Much like Kim Kardashian, Mitt Romney will be remembered for one terrible video #RomneyEncoreRT @NickKristof: "The problem with American voters is they’re too stressed. They don’t spend enough time on their yachts." #RomneyEncoreRT @nrothstein: First debate : ‘I’ll bet you the million in my pocket that your voters don’t pay income taxes’– Romney #romneyencore#47Percent of me despises Mitt Romney. The other 53% of me finds him repugnant.RT @ClaraJeffery: In sum: Romney has party at sexed crazed hedge funder, insults most of America. #47percent#RomneyEncore Watching Mitt’s response to the 47% video I was waiting for him to rip off his pants and yell "Magic underwear! Protect me!"RT @BreeNewsome: Romney apologizes for calling #47percent of Americans "victims". Says he meant to say "lazy bastards." #RomneyEncore ht …RT @PoloticsChris: BREAKING: #47percent Obama lovers hate Romney for telling the truth.Right… MT @kesgardner: Left fantasy the 1% oppress the 99% Reality: the 47% are weighing down and even oppressing the other 53% #47percentAmazing that Mitt Romney saying that 47% of Americans are entitlement-mongering deadbeats is perceived as hyping up his base. Just sad.RT @mrbenz7: Telling it like it is! #47percent pay little in taxes and depend on gov’t services! We need an economy providing jobs!! #Ro …So the question is: Does a Super PAC just air a full minute of the Romney secret tape as a commercial?RT @digiphile: "Who the #47percent are"-@DLeonhardt, 2010 ~10% of US households pay no net federal taxes.PHOTO: Romney leaves a press conference after speaking about leaked video in Costa Mesa, Calif. via @AP Dharapak

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