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Sue's Morning Stretch: Highlights from morning talk shows

What I noticed flipping through the morning talk shows today:

  • <The Instagram Diet, over on “Good Morning America.” Some experts claim looking at all those dishes via social media makes people eat LESS. I don’t know, I see too many photos of luscious brownies and I start craving one. But maybe they’re right; I never actually go out and hunt one down. But I attribute that more to laziness than lack of desire.
  • There’s a little controversy brewing over the Duffin (doughnut/muffin) that Starbucks has made popular here, according to “Today.” Turns out the creation actually began in Great Britain, at a cute little pasty shop called Bea’s of Bloomsbury. And Bea’s none too happy to hear Starbucks wants to trademark the Duffin. And looking at all that footage of Bea’s Duffins makes me want to hop a plane. But I don’t. The Instagram Diet works!!
  • Speaking of flying, are you a pilot out of work? There are a lot of jobs, ones where you’ll make better dough than you did. The hitch? They’re in China says “CBS This Morning.” The growing Chinese middle class has spawned a boom in air travel in China.
  • Well, how about this? There actually is a field where women make way more than their male counterparts: supermodels. Average top male models make between $200,000 to $500,00 a year, according to “GMA.” Gisele Bundchen (pictured above): $42 million.
  • Last, but certainly not least, if you’re looking to go sexy for Halloween, Fantasy Costume, 4065 N. Milwaukee, has an entire sexy room now. Sexy nerd, Sexy cougar, sexy cheerleader, yada, yada. And according to “You & Me This Morning,” it’s THE place for fluffy panties.