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Relive Yeezus show in retail

Looking to add to your Kanye collection? Or gift that certain someone with tour merch?

Then head the Kanye’s Yeezus popup shop at with a heavy wallet.

The all-white-with-no-windows storefront on the posh stretch of Oak Street (46 East, to be exact) doesn’t scream Kanye. The rapper is a lot of things, but minimalist he is not. After a trip to the fourth floor Gallery Aesthete, it was back to street level to find the goods.

The flag is not for sale.

This bike is for sale. For $13,000 you can create your Kim and Kanye video. No posting necessary, some things are best left to the imagination.

Kanye in a mask. It’s his thing. His show thing.

It’s not just Yeezus on sale. There are embroidered sweatshirts from his good music label on offer. Retail: $160.

Kanye West steps it up a notch with a revival of the tour jacket. Not the leather version from the Boss or the great hairbands of the ’80s, but a suede cotton, with secret pockets. The jacket on the wall (it’s art too!) had a plastic bullet in its secret pocket. Discuss.

Kanye commissioned artist Wes Lang to design his the imagery for the Yeezus tour. The edgy artist explores themes in American history and incorporates Native American images, skulls and crosses. T-shirts start at $35. Sizes range from 2T to adult.

Another artist works on site shredding the shirts to create distressed one-of-kind versions of the tour shirts. That costs extra.

The Yeezus popup shop is open until 7 p.m. Thursday and all day Friday.