One map that shows why you maybe should leave Illinois on July 4th

SHARE One map that shows why you maybe should leave Illinois on July 4th

The American Pyrotechnics Institute – yes, it’s a real thing – has put together this handy map and a complete set of laws by state – including this PDF of Illinois’ restrictions – to show where you can blow your hand off and where you can’t in the United States.

Illinois, as it turns out, is barely American. We allow the sparklers and such, but nothing that really goes boom – cruel (or prudent) when you consider we’re surrounded by the everything-goes states of Wisconsin and Indiana. The map (full PDF here):

Of course, if the concussive blasts reverberating through Chicago’s alleys are any indication, Illinois’ somewhat restrictive laws are less than enforced on the Fourth of July. But, if you’re feeling particularly patriotic, Indiana is just down the road.

[h/t Gawker]

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