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Bill Clinton spotted in Chicago enjoying warm weather

"My co-workers @bgreese @LOSSANO @GiorgioReyes @danpursel ran into @BillClinton on the street. Now I understand jealousy." | @marconibologna on Twitter.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton was spotted in Chicago on Thursday taking selfies with passersby at the Chicago River and Navy Pier.

He was walking around, enjoying the 64-degree weather in a blue polo shirt while Hillary Rodham Clinton received an award and raised money for a political action committee aimed at bolstering African-American women in politics.

“My coworkers ran into @BillClinton on the street,” said Marconi. “Now I understand jealousy.”

“Literally just met @BillClinton, who was strolling by while I was at the Chicago river eating my lunch,” said Ishena Robinson.

“Bill Clinton was at navy pier an hour ago!” said Arturas Kerelis.

Isabelle Bourgeois said she was on her lunch break when she spotted Clinton.

“He was walking near NBC Tower looking inside the University of Chicago bookstore window…I went up to him and said it was good to see him in Chicago and he said ‘it’s a beautiful day!'” said Bourgeois.