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Ask your pal Vladimir about Russia’s hacking of elections, President Trump

President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg.

President Donald Trump meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G-20 Summit in Hamburg last summer. | AP file photo

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will not speculate as to motives of the Russians who hacked into our presidential election. But the Russians’ goal, obviously, was to create divisiveness and chaos, and never before has our nation been so divided.

President Vladimir Putin is in charge in Russia — of the military and otherwise. Might he have had a hand in the hacking? Maybe President Trump can ask when they meet.

As for an honest answer? When pigs can fly.

Mel Novit, Morton Grove

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Record everything

The CIA should plant a microphone on President Trump before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. You just never know what Trump will say to Putin.

Michael Shepherd, Bellwood

And racism is new?

I am sure that members of the African-American community find the Idea that Chicago’s racists have been “emboldened” by the bigotry of Donald Trump to be quite hilarious. My guess is that the racism they experience every day is no different now than when Clinton, Bush or Obama were in office. It’s not as if our town wrapped itself in glory regarding race relations until the 2016 presidential election.

Some dude in a forest preserve acts the fool and gets attention. Meanwhile, the racist school funding, crime-fighting and employment opportunities baked into the Chicago system continue unabated.

Don Anderson, Oak Park

Republicans bark up wrong tree

I have never seen such a jacked-up procedure as the congressional questioning of FBI Agent Peter Strzok. We are wasting time and the taxpayers’ money on this ridiculous hearing, looking at private text messages — the operative word being private. Why are the Republicans so dead-set on going back to prior to the elections? They should be standing up for the American people in light of the multiple horrors being perpetrated by the current administration.

Helping the parents and families of incarcerated children and investigating ongoing Russian interference in our elections would be more appropriate uses of their time.

Barb Minarik, Logan Square