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John Fountain: Random thoughts on lions, shootings, cops and preachers

Random thoughts: I understand all the fuss about Cecil the lion. But what about Samuel DuBose the man — and all the other African-American males shot down by white cops across this nation? Why is it that we sometimes seem as a country to care more about animals’ rights than the rights of black folks brutalized and murdered in the street? Just a random thought.

Here’s another:

Unarmed black men pulled over for a routine traffic stop — for little to no reason — end up shot or killed. A white young man considered armed and dangerous and wanted in the brutal slaying of nine people inside a black church is taken alive — and treated to Burger King reportedly because the kid said he was hungry. Really?


Just random thoughts. Why is it that just about the only preacher in this city of many churches who speaks out consistently and fervently on issues affecting African-American communities happens to be a white Catholic priest? Why are so many black pastors so silent? Why won’t more of them speak truth to power? Are they beholden more to Caesar than to God? Have they abandoned the prophetic voice for a political one, speaking more for the powers that be rather than being led by the power and spirit of God?

Random thoughts.

Here’s another: We don’t need another inspirational moment. We need a movement.

The greatest threat to an oppressor is not the slave with a gun but the slave with a book.

I will never — ever — believe Sandra Bland hung herself with a garbage bag in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas. She had too much fight in her. She was too tall. Had too many reasons to live. And now, she is too dead to give her account of what happened. Just random thoughts.

Here ye, here ye, my fellow African Americans: The Cavalry ain’t coming. Time to save ourselves.

Random thoughts. I will not carry a murse (man purse)! That does not make me a homophobe or a fuddy-duddy. I also won’t dare to wear skinny jeans or a male mini-dress. No, not even a men’s skirt. I’m simply old-fashioned in my belief that a man ought to dress like a man — and also of the mind that saying so isn’t “hate speech.” Sheesh.

Oh, and by the way, I don’t have to agree with you in order to respect your choices.

Just random thoughts.

We cannot be blacker than we are Christian. And there is no such thing as a black church or a white church — only the Church.

And now, by popular demand, there apparently is a weave loan store in Detroit, a.k.a. weaveloans.com, that finances hairweaves. Huh? Weave on credit? SMB (Shaking My Baldhead).

Just random thoughts.

The feminization, emasculation and inebriation of the black man are at the heart of the devastation of our communities. Save the black male, save our communities. There is no rift between black men and black women. We have either all to lose together or all to gain.

Random thoughts… Sometimes we really can’t handle the truth.

Some of these pseudo-intellectuals with their adopted African names are a trip-acting all blacker than thou.

It amazes me how much we as African Americans are still so color conscious — some of us avoiding the sun for fear of turning “too black.” Black is beautiful.

Just random thoughts.

The Whip/Nae Nae dance will also pass.

At 47, Toni Braxton is still fine — Lord, have mercy.

And this getting old stuff is for the birds. But given the alternative, may we all live to be 99.

Random thoughts.

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