Polling Place: Is bat flipping a hot-dog move?

If so, might as well put a little mustard — or even (gasp!) ketchup — on it.

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Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox

Tim Anderson shows what to do after hitting a walk-off home run, as he did here last season against the Tigers.

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Are you digging all this baseball action ESPN is airing (mostly on ESPN2) from South Korea?

Diehard fans of the sport probably are at least somewhat interested. Those addicted to watching sports — any sports — on TV likely have sampled it by now.

Surely, others among us just don’t care.

Did we mention the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) has a lot of bat flips?

For this week’s “Polling Place” — your weekly home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter — we asked about the KBO and bat flips, too.

“There is nothing ruining bat flips more than sports reporters making it an issue, talking about it ad nauseam and making it a survey,” @YeahRight50 commented.

You’re welcome, America.

But the third and final poll was of massive importance. You want incisive, intrepid, inspired journalism? We brought it in a big way by asking about, um, what people put on their hot dogs.

Look, we do what we can around here, OK?

“Here come the tough guys that want to gate-keep condiments,” wrote @callmeweir, sensing the inevitable. “Ketchup is delicious, and sometimes I like to put it on hot dogs. Or BBQ sauce. But I vote onions most important.”

On to the polls, then. We relish the chance to share the results.

Poll No. 1: ESPN is televising Korean Baseball Organization games. Will you be watching?

Upshot: “The ‘hard pass’ voters are the baseball equivalent of the people who watch the English Premier League but won’t support their local soccer team because it’s ‘not the best league in the world,’ ” wrote @ArchiJake. “Maybe mixed in with some xenophobia.” But we can think of at least one sports scribe who isn’t watching for the same reason he doesn’t watch, say, college baseball, NASCAR or the XFL: He’s simply a bore.

Poll No. 2: Bat flips — does MLB need more of them?

Upshot: In the immortal words of White Sox bat-flipper-in-chief Tim Anderson, “I don’t give a [bleep] what anybody says — I’m gonna do it.” Do you see those numbers above? We’re talking practically 9-to-1 in the “flip away, men” camp. Maybe some players won’t love watching an opponent heave his bat in the air, but clearly the fans aren’t about to flip out over it.

Poll No. 3: When it comes to hot dog condiments at the ballpark, the key to the whole operation is …

Upshot: “In Chicago, you wouldn’t be caught with ketchup on a hot dog,” @JoeSeid commented, speaking, he clearly believed, for the masses. Clearly, though, the ketchup crowd is a formidable, if sadly misguided, constituency. It’s probably better for all involved that we don’t know what they like on their pizza.

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