Trivia time: Wishing we could lose this wait

As the lockout drags on, here are more questions involving our local teams to tide you over

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Mark Grace

Chicago Cubs’ Mark Grace follows through on a two-run single in the second inning Sunday July 23, 2000, against the Milwaukee Brewers. Grace’s single drove in Ismael Valdes and Eric Young to give the Cubs a 5-2 lead. The Cubs won 5-4.


‘‘So tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for you”

Whether you prefer the original by The Kinks or the 1997 version by Green Day, you must admit that “Tired of Waiting” is the perfect anthem for frustrated baseball fans at this time of the year.

And now everybody, let’s sing!

Good luck with this final quiz of February.

1. The first time the players went on strike was in 1972. Who was the baseball commissioner at that time?

a. Ford Frick c. William Eckert

b. Bowie Kuhn d. Peter Ueberroth

2. The original ‘‘Law & Order’’ premiered on Sept. 13, 1990. Mark Grace went 4-for-4 for the Cubs in their win over the Phillies, and Ivan Calderon, Lance Johnson, Carlton Fisk, Frank Thomas, and Robin Ventura each had two hits for the White Sox in their win over the Red Sox. Since the premiere of ‘‘Law & Order,’’ who has more wins?

a. White Sox b. Cubs c. The same

3. Jack Brickhouse provided play-by-play coverage of Cubs games on WGN-TV from 1948 to 1981. In 1977, there was a hit song entitled “Brick House” (definitely not about Jack) performed by whom?

a. Earth, Wind, and Fire c. Wild Cherry

b. The Commodores d. James Taylor

4. Here’s a geography question: Which opposing ballpark is farthest from The Bean?

a. Yankee Stadium c. Fenway Park

b. Dodger Stadium d. Tropicana Field

5. Since 2010, two pitchers have each had 18 combined wins (the most) versus the Chicago teams; who are they? (Pick two)

a. Justin Verlander c. Gerrit Cole

b. Max Scherzer d. Adam Wainwright

6. Commissioner Bud Selig oversaw the 1994 strike (he also ignored the steroids debacle). The 1994 season ended on Aug. 11 with the Montreal Expos (74-40) in first place. That strike and its lost season (and postseason) began the slow death for the franchise. The Expos became the Nationals following the 2004 season. Who was the last player drafted by the Expos to retire from pro sports?

a. Brady Anderson c. Anderson Cooper

b. Tom Brady d. Bradley Cooper

7. Ron Santo played his entire career with Chicago as his home team. He played 2,126 games with the Cubs and 117 games with the Sox. With which team did he have the higher batting average?

a. White Sox b. Cubs c. The same

8. Since 2010, who has hit the most homers against the Chicago teams?

a. Albert Pujols c. Ryan Braun

b. Miguel Cabrera d. Joey Votto

9. On Tuesday, which former Chicago player will celebrate his birthday, even though it is not his birthday?

a. Terrence Long c. Bill Long

b. Dale Long d. Walt Longmire


1. Bowie Kuhn was the commissioner for the 1972 strike, the 1973 lockout, the 1976 lockout, the 1980 strike, and the 1981 strike. I don’t have fond memories of Kuhn.

2. Since the start of ‘‘Law & Order,’’ the Cubs have gone 2,401-2,469 while the Sox are 2,464-2,407.

3. ‘The Commodores (led by drummer Walter “Clyde” Orange, not Lionel Richie).

4. Dodger Stadium – 2,018 miles, Tropicana Field – 1,198 miles, Fenway Park - 982 miles, Yankee Stadium – 795 miles.

5. Verlander is 17-4 against the Sox and 1-0 against the Cubs, and Scherzer is 13-6 against the Sox and 5-2 against the Cubs.

6. Tom Brady was an 18th-round pick by the Expos in 1995 out of Junipero Serra High in San Mateo, California. Brady, a catcher, became (slightly) better known as a passer for Michigan, the Patriots, and the Buccaneers. 

7. Can’t fool you, can I? Of course, Santo hit better for the Cubs (.279). His .221 BA with the Sox never would have gotten him into the HOF.

8. Joey Votto has hit 35 homers against Chicago, 34 against the Cubs.

9. Bill Long’s birthday is Feb. 29, most often celebrated on March 1. He pitched for the White Sox from 1985 until being traded to the Cubs in April 1990. I reached out to him, sending birthday wishes from you, and he sends his best to his fans in Chicago. Terrence Long is also a leap-year baby, and Dale Long played for the Cubs and was born on Feb. 6.

Have a safe and healthy week. I can be happily reached via email and on Twitter. 

Sincerely, ‘‘A Well-Respected Man’’ (another song by The Kinks).

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