Baseball quiz: Give your dad a hug and a quiz

Celebrate Father’s Day with a ballgame and see if your old man can answer these questions.

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Jerry Hairston (above, in 2013) is the father of Jerry Hairston Jr., who played 16 years in the majors, and Scott Hairston, who played 11 years in the majors.

Andrew A. Nelles/AP

Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and in honor of the day, I have a father/son quiz for you. I’m a dad to two great children, Elizabeth, and Jen, both of whom fill me with pride. My dad introduced me to baseball. It became our shared passion. And I’m sure there are tens of thousands of kids (and dads) who have had that same life experience.

If you have a chance, watch a baseball game with a kid or kids. Show them the little things that make the sport so wonderful. Share stories about players, plays, the joys of victory and the agony of defeat. Baseball gives you the time to converse like no other sport. And maybe someday you can do the weekly quiz together.

Have fun.

1. Gus Bell is the father of Buddy Bell, who is the father of David Bell and Mike Bell. None of them played for a Chicago team. But Ray Boone is the father of Bob Boone, who is the father of Aaron Boone and Bret Boone, and one of them played for Chicago. Welcome to “Name That Boonie!”

a. Ray (1,373 games played)

b. Bob (2,264 games played)

c. Aaron (1,152 games played)

d. Bret (1,780 games played)

2. Pitcher Joe Coleman (Sr.) was the father of pitcher Joe Coleman, who was the father of pitcher Casey Coleman. Two of the Colemans played for Chicago. Which ones?

a. Joe Coleman (Sr.)

b. Joe Coleman (the younger)

c. Casey Coleman (Sr.)

3. Sam Hairston was a Negro League All-Star and played all of four games in the majors. He was the father of Jerry Hairston, who played 14 years in the majors, and John Hairston, who played three games in the majors. Jerry is the father of Jerry Hairston Jr., who played 16 years in the majors, and Scott Hairston, who played 11 years in the majors. Which of the Hairstons played for a Chicago team (once again, there can be multiple answers)?

a. Sam Hairston

b. Jerry Hairston

c. John Hairston

d. Jerry Hairston Jr.

e. Scott Hairston

f. All of the above

4. I’m a big fan of Steve Stone, who has provided insightful radio and television color commentary for the Cubs and White Sox. There have been three Carays in broadcasting: Harry, his son Skip, and Skip’s son, Chip. Which of the Carays did Steve work with (there could be multiple answers)?

a. Harry 

b. Skip

c. Chip 

d. All of the above 

5. We all know that Moises Alou played for the Cubs. But did his dad, Felipe, play for a Chicago team? What about his uncles, Matty and Jesus? You tell me, yes or no. Did any or all of these guys play for a Chicago team?

a. Felipe Alou

b. Matty Alou

c. Jesus Alou

d. All of them

e. None of them

6. Ken Griffey hit eight homers against the Cubs, one against the Sox and four at Wrigley Field. Ken Griffey Jr. hit 17 homers against the Cubs, 29 against the Sox and 10 at Wrigley. How many homers did they combine to hit at what was once called Comiskey Park?

a. 0

b. 10

c. 20

7. Randy Hundley was a catcher for 14 years in the majors, 10 with the Cubs. His son, Todd Hundley, was a catcher for 14 years in the majors, two with the Cubs. Randy made the All-Star team once, Todd twice. Which one had the higher lifetime batting average?

a. Randy Hundley

b. Todd Hundley

c. Same

8. Steve Swisher was a catcher, and his son, Nick Swisher, was a right fielder and first baseman. One was drafted by the White Sox and played for the Cubs. The other played for the White Sox? Which was which, and who played for whom?

9. Cecil Fielder and his son, Prince Fielder, were 500 pounds of hitting power. Each made the All-Star team numerous times, each hit over 300 homers and each drove in over 1,000 runs. To be exact, Cecil drove in 1,008 and Prince 1,028. But which one hit more homers?

a. Cecil Fielder

b. Prince Fielder

c. They hit the same

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