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Chicago Bliss star Alli Alberts can fix your teeth

Is Alli Alberts superwoman? Chicago Bliss wide receiver and safety Alli Alberts plays in the Legends Football League as a hobby, fixes people’s teeth for a living and chugs beer like a champion.

The 28-year-old prosthodontist, from Smithton, Ill., was a scholarship volleyball and track student-athlete at Washington University in St. Louis before starting her dentist career at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.

While in dentistry school, Alberts still found time to play football for the Bliss. Alberts said she missed playing competetive sports, saw the Bliss play on television and tried out.

Alberts adapted to the style of football quickly and was named game MVP during Week 3 of the LFL. After she won the game MVP, she displayed her impressive beer-drinking skills at midfield for everyone to witness.

The bikini-league star has been injured multiple times including a concussion and broken ribs, but luckily none of her injuries have hurt her dentist career because the LFL doesn’t pay the players.

Alberts graduates from dental school next year, and she says she will continue to play for the Bliss.