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Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber: Social media can be a ‘taxing thing on the game’

It doesn’t take much time to surf through one’s Twitter timeline to know how fans feel about the possibility of Kyle Schwarber returning to the Cubs’ leadoff spot. That’s what ‘‘block’’ and ‘‘mute’’ are for.

But how does the burly slugger himself feel about it?

Schwarber started laughing Thursday when a hypothetical question was posed, then said he’d do whatever the Cubs want him to do, including bat anywhere in the lineup.

Not that he’s rushing to displace 2018 experimental leadoff guy Ian Happ, who has struggled to get his bearings at the top of the lineup.

Chicago Cubs' Kyle Schwarber hits a home run during the fourth inning of a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Thursday, April 12, 2018, in Chicago. | Matt Marton/Associated Press

‘‘It’s weird,’’ Schwarber said. ‘‘Last year I experienced leadoff, and it was different for me because I just wasn’t me last year. And it’s so early in the year right now that people want to come to quick judgments on things, and it’s just that there’s still [150] games left.

‘‘There’s a lot of things to be figured out throughout the year. I’m really comfortable with our guys who are doing it right now.’’

Schwarber took quite a beating on social media last season after struggling in the leadoff spot. Players like to say they ignore those kinds of things, but dealing with negative comments can be ‘‘a taxing thing on the game,’’ Schwarber said.

‘‘It’s part of the game now,’’ he said. ‘‘It’s part of the younger generation of people with social media and putting out messages. I think it’s something you have to put in the back of your mind.’’