Who knew a free-hanging Cubs W flag would cause this much ruckus in Tinley Park?

Cassie McDonald shared a letter she received from a neighbor on the Tinley Park Community Watch Facebook page. The letter asked her to remove her hanging W flag and suggested she place the flag on a pole instead.

“Hanging it off of your front porch is very frat house looking and makes our area look bad — just like the run down apartments on the North side of the 167th Street just East of Harlem,” the letter said. “If you haven’t noticed how trashy they look with their flags hanging off their balconies, maybe you will now.”

Facebook users disagreed with the letter and gave suggestions to McDonald about what her next step should be.

One woman commented that she would shine a flood light on the flag, while another suggests she paints a big “W” on the front door.

Multiple commenters, including Lauren Gruhlke, also said they reside in the same apartment complex that the letter referred to as “trashy.”

Gruhlke shared a photo of her flag in a comment and said: “I will also fly my W as long as I want to.”

Lauren Gruhlke said she is one of the apartments that was called trashy because she hangs her W flag hung on her balcony. | Lauren Gruhlke | Facebook

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