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Watch: Derrick Rose has highlight reel game against Westbrook and the Thunder

Derrick Rose was coming off of arguably the three worst games of his career. It was the first time Rose had been held to less than 10 points in three consecutive games since entering the NBA. That turned around in impressive fashion Thursday night.

As a team, the Bulls looked like they would have their hands full with the Oklahoma City Thunder, lead by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. However, as has so often been the case, Rose stepped his game up against another top tier point guard.

Things started slow in the first quarter, but from the second quarter on, it was Rose’s game. He found his rhythm by attacking the hope, time after time.

Rose still didn’t show his vertical explosion, but his quick first step is most definitely there. Which also opened up space for his teammates to drive and work off of Rose.

The most fun highlight of the game may have come in the first half when Rose drove to the hoop but found himself in the air with no where to go. So instead of forcing up an awkward shot or trying to find a pass, Rose got creative.

His ability and success while driving the lane clearly built up the point guard’s confidence. As the game wore on, Rose extended his range. In increasingly pressured situations, Rose calmly knocked down mid-range jumpers, all but ending the game and getting the win.