Working 360

What is it like working in Chicago? Find out through our day-in-the-life videos showing people on the job.

Workers’ rights advocates say campaign would reward best practices.
Quentin Love gives free meals to those in need every Monday afternoon out of his Humboldt Park restaurant.
As cannabis jobs increase in Illinois, meet a woman working as crop cultivator at a local growing facility and see what her job involves.
Stephen Kristof says a haunted house is part performance theater, part amusement park.
Bianca Sedano has worked as a dog groomer for eight years, and wants owners to take the maintenance needs of their dogs more seriously.
The bond between Sheriff’s Officer Parker and his Dutch shepherd, Joey, is strong. “I would die for Joey and I’m sure he would give his life for me.”
Jackie Van started working in her parents’ nail salon as a teenager, now she owns her own shop in Wicker Park where she’s known for detailed designs.
Spencer, who previously lived in New York, said Chicago gave her a greater opportunity as a woman of color to break into the bartending scene.
The teachers who work at Lurie’s Children’s hospital make sure kids are on track academically, mentally and emotionally.
Felipe Sales got started tattooing his friends from an online-bought DIY kit, but now he loves doing it professionally.
Gonzalo Guzman has worked at Service One Inc. for 13 years and is regularly assigned to clean the windows at the 60-story building at 300 N. LaSalle.
Fourteen Chicagoans participated in Before The Plate, a culinary arts training program offering the opportunity to work at the University of Chicago.
Don Bell, who is visually impaired, runs Don’s Snack Attack, selling chips, coffee, soda and more in the lobby of the Leighton Criminal Courthouse.
The chief pilot at Chicago Helicopter Experience, who can go on as many as 20 tours in a day, said the job is never boring.
The restaurant goes through about 100 pounds of beef every day, while the booth at Lollapalooza goes through about 700 pounds daily.
Five high schools students were introduced to farm-to-fork practices at Windy City Harvest’s Legends Farm on Chicago’s South Side.
A woman is leading the team behind the interior redesign of Walgreens that will occupy 200,000 square feet in Chicago’s Old Main Post office.
The West Side neighborhood has welcomed Farm on Ogden, a new urban agriculture facility promoting healthy eating and job training in the community.
The zookeepers at Brookfield Zoo are responsible for the overall care of the animals in their habitats, including feeding, cleaning and more.