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Note to Scott Walker: It’s ‘mazel tov,’ not ‘Molotov’

An undated letter from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has surfaced, where Walker, then the Milwaukee county executive, tells a constituent he’d be happy to put a menorah on display at the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The only problem? Walker ends the letter with “Thank you again and Molotov.”

The letter was included in a batch of documents from the John Doe corruption investigation.

Walker should have said “mazel tov,” but instead referenced an improvised handheld explosive.

“He kinda missed the boat there,” Milwaukee lawyer Franklyn Gimbel, who was the intended recipient of the letter, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. ” ‘Molotov’ is a far cry from ‘mazel tov.’”

When asked about the incident, Walker said he couldn’t remember if the letter, which was probably about a decade old, actually went out that way.

“My guess is it was a typo,” Walker said. “I figured nationally my thumb has healed up and my bald spot is boring now, so they’re going to talk about things like that.”

Scott Walker letter

Via Milwaukee Jounral Sentinel