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‘Eat This, Not That’ magazine launches

A magazine based on the popular Men’s Health column “Eat This, Not That” — which spawned a series of books — hit newsstands this month.

Former Men’s Health Editor-in-Chief David Zinczenko created the column in 2004, and it grew into 16 books and a regular segment on “Good Morning America” based on the principle that knowing what is in the restaurant food you choose or the grocery store products you buy will help you make better choices and save calories everyday.

The message has been: you’re going to eat restaurant food no matter what, so it’s best to go in there knowing what to order — and what not to.

The first issue of “Eat This, Not That” magazine is out this month, and with it comes a newly re-designed website and apps. In it are low-fat recipes and the magazine’s bread and butter, so to speak: the Eat This! Awards for the Best Supermarket Foods, as selected by the magazine’s editors.