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Rauner says agencies will be asking for $760 million extra

SPRINGFIELD — Gov.-elect Bruce Rauner says state agencies plan to ask for $760 million more than they were originally budgeted in 2015.

Rauner spoke about the state’s budget at a luncheon in Springfield Tuesday. He says he’s also meeting in Springfield with lawmakers and budget experts to get a better handle on the budget situation.

Rauner says he has been continually surprised to learn more details of a $35.7 billion budget passed by lawmakers in May that didn’t allocate enough money to cover agency expenses.

Rauner says solutions like short-term borrowing are “band-aids.” He says Illinois needs structural reform.

The budget was deemed “incomplete” by outgoing Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn. But Quinn signed it as lawmakers put off a decision whether to extend a temporary income tax increase.


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