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Watch: Stephen A. Smith rants for 5 minutes about Jay Cutler

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith went on a five-and-a-half-minute tirade Tuesday about Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler.

Smith, who is no stranger to hot (and often idiotic) sports opinions, unleashed on Cutler after the embarrassing 31-15 loss to the Saints on Monday Night Football.

Smith was especially heated that Cutler is the highest paid offensive player in the NFL.

“Jay Cutler should be arrested today for thievery,” Smith said in the middle of his stream-of-consciousness rant. “For robbing the Chicago Bears of this money. Or the GM should be fired for being an idiot and giving it to him.”

He called Cutler a “tick,” for sucking the life out of the franchise. He also called on ownership to fire general manager Phil Emery for giving Cutler his contract.

At one point, Smith described Cutler as a “sorry, pathetic, disgraceful quarterback.”

I’ve gone through the trouble of transcribing the entire rant, and it’s actually less terrible when you read it versus listening to Smith scream.

So you can watch the video here or scroll down to read it. Or, if you’re really feeling masochistic, you can do both.

“You look at Jay Cutler, who by the way, I don’t know if y’all knew this, he is the highest paid offensive player in the NFL. Let me repeat that, Jay Cutler: the sorry, pathetic, disgraceful quarterback that he is — as a leader I’m talking about, because we all know he has ability, he can throw the football, he’s got athleticism, he’s got toughness. Have you ever heard of somebody being that tough, with those intangibles, and still stinks? That’s Jay Cutler, because of his inability to lead, to galvanize anybody. To inspire anybody to be the best they can be. When you are a quarterback, this is the kind of tools you are supposed to have. Ask Tom Brady. So when I see Jay Cutler is the highest paid offensive player in the NFL. Highest! At $22.5 million, that mere fact alone, if I’m the ownership of the Chicago Bears, who’s the GM? I want him gone. I want him gone now. How did this happen? Who was the idiot that did this? Because this man does not deserve this money. He doesn’t deserve this money. He’s inefficient, he’s unproductive and more important than anything else, he’s uninspiring. He’s like a tick, he just sucks the life out of people, because he gives you absolutely, positively nothing. To me, this is one of my most profound statements. I have never seen Jay Cutler smile but one time, and that’s when he signed this contract. That’s it. That tells me all I need to know. The only time I see you happy, is when you sign this contract? Really? Guess what I stole and got away with it? I stole this money from the Chicago Bears. This is the second city. Chicago is a great, great sports town who is far more deserving than what they’re getting here. That freezing temperature, I try not to show up between November and April in Chicago because it’s so damn cold. These people come out to the stadium to watch this dude play and he would stink up the joint the way he does? With Brandon Marshall, with Alshon Jeffery, with Martellus Bennett, with Matt Forte. And let me say this because it needs to be said. We have great people working at this network, and I’m not gonna mention any names. But if I hear one more person talk to me about how great a coach Marc Trestman is, I’m going to lose it. Let me tell you why. You’re ranked 32 defensively. You sold your soul. This is Chicago, these are the Bears. With Butkus and Ditka and Singletary and Dent and the crew. These are the Bears! And you have no defense worth speaking of and everybody acts like Trestman has nothing to do with that. You’re the head coach. I know you know X’s and O’s, I know you are intelligent about the game of football, but you are unproductive on defense, you’re non-existent on defense, and on offense the very thing you are supposed to do, you can’t do because you can’t get this pathetic, disgrace and excuse for a quarterback in line. Jay Cutler should be arrested today for thievery. For robbing the Chicago Bears of this money. Or the GM should be fired for being an idiot and giving it to him. This dude is awful. Awful! And as far as I’m concerned, it says right here, Jay Cutler’s contract assures $15.5 million for next season. And if he is on the roster on the third day of the 2015 league year, a $10 million guarantee for 2016 kicks in. So in other words, if you don’t cut him, not only are you obligated to give him $15.5 million next season, Skip, the $10 million kicks in for 2016. You shouldn’t want him today! How in God’s name can you commit to him for 2016? Combined with the $15.5 million next year and the $10 million guarantee for 2016, that is $25.5 million!”