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Ultimate Chicago Gift Guide: Smell goods for guys and gals

Eating local is all the rage. Why not shop local too?

Check back here every day for a classically Chicagoan take on the holiday gift guide. Here, you’ll find either a sophisticated or fun holiday gift item made by a Chicagoan, produced by Chicagoans, inspired by Chicagoans or sold exclusively in Chicago.


Chicagoan Jane Forrest Zia makes these items by hand.
Chicagoan Jane Forrest Zia makes these items by hand.

For the ladies, why not bathe in homemade soaps that do your skin and scent good? This body spray, soap, and shea butter-infused body balm are perfect for fighting winter’s dry skin woes. The products, produced by Our Secret Garden are available at The Blossom Boys, 9911 S. Walden; and at the Olivia’s Garden Farmers Market, 10730 S. Western, every Saturday.

The hand-painted and hand-made bags are filled with EVOLUTIONMan’s best-selling products NU NOIR Face & Body Wash and Moisture Protect SPF 20. Special holiday pricing is available on for $89.50. The items can also be found at local Urban Outfitter stores.

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