Top 5 Athletic Directors in Lake County

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My wife says never put something on the blog that you wouldn’t put in the paper so that still works here. Of course this list is bias because I selected AD’s that are nice and helpful to me personally. Oh, well.

So here goes my list of the top 5 AD’s in Lake County.

1. Mark Pos (Warren): Always responds with helpful information. A natural people person, the former Warren trainer has found a home in this job. He even trots out his son Josh to sing the National Anthem on occasion.

2. Briant Kelly (Libertyville): Where did this guy come from? He treats the press like heirs to the throne. Kelly volunteers information on all of the Libertyville teams. He’s a great cheerleader for the school.

3. Steve Schoenfelder (Antioch): Seems to understand his role very well. Also does a good job of getting information out to the press. Willing to help out.

4. Trish Betthauser (Stevenson): OK, maybe not in her official role just yet but based on her behavior as a coach should succeed greatly in this role.

5. Is a tie between nice guys Rolly Vazquez of Lake Zurich, Troy Parola (Lakes), and Perry Wilhelm (Mundelein). This sounds like a cop-out and probably is.

The good news is a few of the terrible athletic directors have moved on and that’s much to be cheerful about.

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