What kind of turkey will you be serving?

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OK, so earlier in the week I told you it was time to get your turkey.

And in the old days, that was a simple task. You went to the supermarket and grabbed a frozen bird that was big enough to feed your family and didn’t think anything more about it until it was time for cooking that turkey.

But these days, the options seem endless. That has many of us wondering, what type of turkey should you buy for your holiday feast?

The other day in my Facebook Feed I noticed a piece Mark Holzkopf, of Holzkopf’s Meat Market in Edgewater, had written for Weber. (Mark is a big grilling aficionado.) I have gotten all sorts of meat and poultry advice as well as recipes from Mark and his team over the years. So it doesn’t surprise me that Mark’s written a post  that breaks down what exactly the differences are when it comes to turkey. I recommend taking a look so you can decide what would appeal most to those who will be gathered around your Thanksgiving table.

One thing you are likely to notice is the price for turkey is up a bit this holiday season. That’s because of a bird flu that hit earlier this year and wiped out millions of gobblers. (Read about that in a Reuters’ piece here.) No need to panic about a shortage, though; turkeys are just a little higher in price this holiday season.

The story by Reuters points out that the number of hams is at a record levels, if you want to change up your main course. Just make sure your family won’t stage a protest if they don’t see a turkey on the table.

OK, now armed with new turkey knowledge, if you’re going with a fresh bird, get out there and order it.

ICYMI, I’m doing a countdown to Thanksgiving. I’ve got tips on what you should be doing now here and here as well as information on making your own pie crust here.


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