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Miles Teller plays hero — for real

Move over Tom Cruise! Fellow actor Miles Teller is the latest star to jump to the aid of a person in a life-threatening situation. The actor made new friends Sunday when he leapt to the aid of a pregnant woman in the water Sunday.

Teller, who stars as Mister Fantastic in the upcoming “Fantastic Four” film, happened to be be relaxing with his girlfriend Keleigh Sperry on a Miami beach, when he spotted a woman clearly in deep distress. “She came up to us freaking out telling us to not freak out but it was a shark,” Sperry recalled on Instagram.

The actor and his model galpal quickly swam out to help the unidentified mother-to-be — on Mothers Day — and helped the woman and her toddler get back to safety on shore.

Witnesses report the actor not only did the right thing, but also kept cool, calm and collected during the incident.

Teller has been in Miami shooting his next movie “Arms and the Dudes,” also starring Jonah Hill.

Next up: A big international press tour to support “Fantastic Four,” where he likely will be asked about being a hero for real.