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Video: Go inside Kris Bryant’s downtown Chicago home

Cubs phenom Kris Bryant is taking advantage of all that Chicago living has to offer.

“There’s a steakhouse on every corner down here,” Bryant said in an interview with realty company Coldwell Banker. “Just being close to the food and getting the experience living downtown, I’d never experienced that before. The people are awesome. I love walking the streets around here.”

Bryant invited a crew into his new home for a quick peek at how the budding superstar makes a living.

Bryant keeps a base from his Major League debut on his coffee table, and he has the balls from his first big-league home run and first Wrigley Field home run encased in his bedroom.

During the interview, Bryant mentions his former home, Las Vegas, is “cold in the winter.”

We’ll see if he still believes that after his first Chicago winter.

Watch the three-minute video below: