Nazr Mohammed considers retirement after 17 seasons

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The end is always tough, even for a guy who has spent the greater portion of his life doing something he loves and made millions in the process.

Nazr Mohammed is considering retirement after a fruitful basketball career, which saw him win NCAA and NBA Championships and earn more than $65 million.

The Bulls center recently blogged:

I’m a free agent. After 17 seasons playing NBA basketball, I’m currently at a point where I’m trying to decide what I do next – continue playing basketball or pursue a post-playing career. There are a few factors in play that are making this decision kind of tough for me.

Thing is, he has options. Despite the rigors of three decades on the hardwood, Nazr’s body has held up. Off the court, the Chicago native has been training for a broadcasting career and has other aspirations.

One of my goals is to one day become a general manager of an NBA team, and there are opportunities presenting themselves that will allow me to take a step in that direction and get my foot in the door. There are only so many jobs in the business of basketball and there are a lot of people that want them.

With a stockpile of frontcourt players, the Bulls, barring a trade, are likely no longer an option for Mohammed. But if Nazr has to go elsewhere, he’ll be quite selective.

The one thing that has happened that I didn’t account for is the fact that I’m no longer willing to play anywhere. I’m down to about 8-9 teams that I would consider playing for, but sometimes they may or may not need your services. When you’re a young player starting in this league, you just want to be on an NBA team. But at this point in my career, if I continue to play, I want to be part of a winning organization with a great coach and teammates that approach the game with the same professionalism that I have. Winning organizations usually do things the right way.

So has Nazr.

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