Brandon Marshall: No one else held Cutler accountable

SHARE Brandon Marshall: No one else held Cutler accountable
SHARE Brandon Marshall: No one else held Cutler accountable

BOURBONNAIS — Brandon Marshall said Thursday he was the only person inside Halas Hall with the “huevos” to hold Jay Cutler accountable.

Apppearing on ESPN’s “First Take,” the receiver said familiarity bred contempt with Cutler, his old Broncos and Broncos teammate.

“For me last year, I felt likewhen we are going on 10 years — nine, 10 years in the league — itis time to get,” he said it. “I felt like I was the only onein the organization that had thejuevos to hold him accountable.It didn’t go the way I wanted itto go.I think there are things Ishould take back.”

Marshall said his relationship with Cutler did not fall apart, and swore he wasn’t going to talk about the quarterback again.

“We didn’t talk much during theyear,” he said.”We still haven’t talked.That is sad.I don’t think there is anybodyin the league that had more chemistry than us.If we had a slant route I wasgoing to go in the hole and hewould find me.We saw the game the right way.

“I felt like that is something wecould have built on.You throw in Alshon Jeffrey,(Martellus)Bennett, Matt Forte and ouroffensive line …”

He was asked what Cutler is missing.

“I don’t know if he hasbeen hit too many times,” Marshall said.”He is one of the most-hitquarterbacks.That can take a toll on you.I’m 31.He is 31, 32 years old.

“I told Alshon, the guys beforethe season, look, when you startwinning, they will start takingour coaches, our players, guyswant more money, guys get hurt,get taken away and you don’tknow when that window is there.

“I felt like our window was shortbecause we were going to be goodand our coaches were going toget taken away and guys in contract situations andinjuries.I wanted everybody to cometogether and try to takeadvantage of the opportunity.We didn’t do it.”

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