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Derrick Rose injury list grows [GALLERY]

Dating back to his high school and college days, Derrick Rose has been dealing with injuries. But despite the litany of health issues, the ultra-explosive guard has enjoyed success at every level of the game.

Lately, though, Rose can’t seem to shake the injury-bug as various body parts keep breaking down, and it has dramatically limited his game.

A few weeks ago, it was a hamstring issue. Tuesday night, Rose left the game against the Bucks and was massaging his left knee—yes, the same left knee that suffered the torn ACL in 2012. After the game, Rose said it was patellar tendinitis and wasn’t serious.

Time will tell.

In his previous four seasons, Rose has played in 100 of the Bulls’ 312 games. So far this season, Rose has missed five of the Bulls’ 37 games.

Take a look at a timeline of Rose’s NBA injury history:

Derrick Rose injury history