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Expert Picks: Lions at Bears in Week 17

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their predictions for the Bears’ season finale against the Lions:


Lions, 31-21: In the Let’s Get This Over With Bowl, the Bears take on the squad that lost its first five games of the season before finally finding success against Jay Cutler & Co. Both teams are now 6-9. Please make it stop. Season: 6-9


Lions, 24-20: If the Bears were predictable, you wouldn’t see the records we “experts” have. My concern is Calvin Johnson, the Bears-killer, coming to life. Season: 8-7


Bears, 27-24: Not being able to beat a coaching staff that appears headed for the door would be a disappointment for Bears coach John Fox and his crew. The Lions have won five of their last seven games, but the coming pink slips could affect preparations and focus. If this is running back Matt Forte’s last game as a Bear, he goes out with a bang. Season: 5-10


Lions, 27-23: Bears couldn’t beat the Lions when they had Alshon Jeffery and the Lions were going bad (1-7) in the first half. Now the Bears are without Jeffery — among others — and the Lions are playing better. Home field? It hasn’t been much of an advantage for the Bears this season. Season: 7-8


Lions 21, Bears 19: At the start of the year, I predicted the Bears would go 6-10. At the bye, I said they’d finish with the same record. What kind of monster would then pick them to win Sunday and finish 7-9? (Thinking about it). No sir, not me. Season: 9-6.