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Lake County cops save woman overdosing on heroin

Lake County Sheriff’s Deputies saved the life of a woman who overdosed on heroin early Wednesday.

At 12:25 a.m., the deputies were dispatched to the 25500 block of North Countryside Drive in Lake Barrington to assist an ambulance with an unresponsive 27-year-old woman who overdosed on heroin, according to a statement from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

When the deputies arrived, they found the woman unconscious and not breathing. Dep. Kevin Crowley administered a dose of Naloxone and began CPR, but she did not respond to the medicine. Crowley administered a second does and the woman began breathing, police said.

The woman was taken to Good Shepherd Hospital in Barrington for treatment. She was alert and conscious by the time she arrived to the hospital, police said.

This is the 12th life to be saved to opioid overdose by the Sheriff’s Office, and it is the 49th life saved in Lake County since the Naloxone program more than a year ago, Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said in the statement.

Lake County law enforcement is trained by the Lake County Health Department on the use and deployment of Naloxone using Evzio auto-injectors, which were donated to the health department from a Virginia-based pharmaceutical company, according to the statement.