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Bears predictions: Week 8 vs. the Vikings

Bears coach John Fox and QB Jay Cutler in Foxborough. (AP)

The Chicago Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for Bears-Vikings on “Monday Night Football.”


Vikings 27-10

Jay Cutler is back, and when does next year’s draft start? The Bears’ starting quarterback returns just in time to face a very tough Minnesota defense. Lucky him. This could get ugly fast. Season: 4-3


Vikings, 24-20

I have to wonder if the Bears can beat anybody. But they’re contrarians. Just look at my predictions so far — it’s not like I tried to be wrong. This would be the perfect game for Cutler to return in full glory and prove he’s the quarterback of the past, present and future. Nah. Season: 2-5


Bears, 24-20

The above is not a typo. I truly wonder if the Vikings’ bad loss to the Eagles is a sign of bad things ahead for their offense and QB Sam Bradford. If the Bears manage to keep this a tight game, a win might come down to Cutler’s arm. And we all know he’d love to stick it to some folks after his name was dragged through the mud when he was out. Season: 3-4


Vikings, 24-20

The Bears have been outscored 86-41 in three primetime losses this season. Cutler’s played in less than just three quarters of one of those games, though. I bet they’ll get a bump in his return and make a prime-time game actually competitive. A win, though, is asking too much. Season: 5-2


Vikings, 23-20

Vic Fangio’s defense — which had outscored Aaron Rodgers and the Packers 7-6 until faltering in the second half — is actually a pretty good match-up vs. a struggling Vikings offense. Jay Cutler returns after a five-week layoff — the rust alone could be problematic against a Vikings defense that leads the NFL. Season: 4-3