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Board of Trustees increases SIU-Carbondale tuition 3%

Southern Illinois University is raising tuition 3 percent this fall at the Carbondale campus. | Screen shot from SIU virtual tour

EDWARDSVILLE — Southern Illinois University’s board of trustees has voted to increase tuition next year at the school’s Carbondale campus 3 percent.

The vote Thursday means the price of tuition for new students will increase $264 to $9,099. The increase will not affect existing students.

The cost of 15 mandatory student fees will remain the same, while room-and-board fees will increase 1.9 percent to $10,186. That brings the total in-state cost of an SIU education to $22,417.

The board also boosted several fees paid by students attending SIU-Edwardsville.

The changes are expected to take place in this fall. It includes an increase in housing occupancy rates, an information technology fee, textbook rental fees and an intercollegiate athletics fee.