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IHSA bass fishing: Day 2 takeoff notes

Plainfield Central took off Saturday in fifth place in the Illinois High School Association's eighth state championship for bass fishing on Carlyle Lake.
Credit: Dale Bowman

Plainfield Central (above) carries the best hopes of the Chicago area schools in bass fishing.

The Wildcats took off this morning on the final day of the Illinois High School Association’s eighth state championship for bass fishing on Carlyle Lake in fifth place with 9 pounds, only 2 pounds, 15 ounces behind Highland Boat 2.

St. Charles North is tied for seventh with 8 pounds, also well within range.

Again everything went well at takeoff, again like clockwork off at 7 a.m. and done by 7:17 a.m.

This year is different with three flights: Flight 1 (boats 1-22), Flight 2 (boats 23-44) and Flight 3 (45-66). The order Saturday on Day 2 was reversed with the boats leaving from 66 (Robinson) to 1 (Arthur).

The first flight out is due back at 3 p.m., the middle flight at 3:15 and the last flight at 3:30. I will say it made the takeoff much smoother yesterday afternoon.

Fishing has been tough with the cool (mid-60s) and very murky water. But six five-fish limits were brought in yesterday. I am not sure what difference the sun will make today, but I bet it makes some difference.

Other fish, as usual were being caught, including some really nice crappie and some big catfish.

“We caught some really big catfish,’’ said Cole Hopkins on DuQuoin’s Boat 1.

“I had an 8-pounder and another that was probably 5 pounds,’’ his teammate Hunter Behm said.

The spawn appears to be off with the cooler water, no awe-inspiring prespawn females were brought to scale yesterday.

Today could be different.

It is different. The sun is shining.