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Big flathead catfish, Chain O’Lakes: Fish of the Week

On Saturday, Jack Anderson landed a big flathead catfish, estimated at 40-plus-inches and 40 pounds, while fishing a jig-and-minnow on 6-pound line for walleye on Lake Marie on the Chain O’Lakes.

“I thought I hit a snag, then it moved a little,’’ texted Anderson, of Gurnee, who battled the flathead for 45 minutes. “I didn’t see for the first half hour. I thought it was a muskie. We couldn’t believe it when we pulled it up.’’

Few things in fishing beat a snag that moves, especially one that big.

FOTW, the celebration of big fish and good stories, runs Wednesdays on the Sun-Times outdoors page. The story part matters as much as the big fish part, well and the photo part.

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