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Off-duty Cook County sheriff’s police officer hurt in Bridgeview crash

A bag of emergency medical supplies kept by Riverside police officers proved useful when two detectives witnessed a crash Friday in Bridgeview. | Riverside police

A Cook County sheriff’s police officer was injured in a crash Friday in southwest suburban Bridgeview.

The off-duty officer was involved in a crash with a BMW vehicle while riding a motorcycle about 9:30 a.m. near 73rd Street and Harlem Avenue, according to Riverside police and the Cook County sheriff’s office.

The officer was taken to a hospital for treatment and was expected to recover, the sheriff’s office said.

Two detectives with the Riverside Police Department witnessed the crash, according to a statement from Riverside Police Chief Tom Weitzel. The Riverside detectives alerted Bridgeview police, blocked traffic and used a bag of emergency medical supplies they keep with them to treat the injured officer until paramedics arrived.

The injured officer’s weapon was also secured and turned over to Bridgeview police.

“Both Sergeant Leo Kotor and Detective James Lazansky received training in injury assessment and application of tourniquets for severe injuries as part of their emergency response training,” Weitzel said. “This is the first time the use of a tourniquet was applied by a Riverside police officer. In this case, it directly assisted in saving the motorcyclist’s life and preventing further injury.”

Bridgeview police could not provide additional information about the crash Tuesday evening.