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ENDORSEMENT: Kelly Cassidy for Ill. House in 14th District Democratic primary

State Representative Kelly Cassidy, 14th District, met with the Sun-Times Editorial Board Monday, Jan. 8, 2018. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Kelly Cassidy is in a rematch with Arthur Noah Siegel, who is running in the Democratic primary in this north lakefront district after running as an independent in 2016. We endorse Cassidy, one of the more thoughtful and effective legislators in Springfield.

Cassidy is helping to lead the Illinois fight for the legalization of recreational marijuana for adult use, which could reduce crime and bring new revenues to the state. She is a strong voice for small donor matching in political campaigns, which could help even the playing field between ordinary voters and mega-buck donors, and she is a strong voice for much-needed laws that would reduce gun violence.

Voters would be smart to return Cassidy to Springfield.