Watch highlights from White Sox’ kids-only press conference at SoxFest

SHARE Watch highlights from White Sox’ kids-only press conference at SoxFest

Finally, the questions we’ve always wanted to know the answers to are being asked.

Reporters may think they ask hard questions, but their questions are nothing compared to those asked by young fans during a kids-only press conference at Sox Fest Saturday.

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Young fans asked Tim Anderson, Yolmer Sanchez, Nick Delmonico and Adam Engel some questions on hot-button issues, and they couldn’t have answered them more perfectly.

Here are some highlights from the presser:

Question: How many people are you going to dump Gatorade on this year?

Sanchez: A lot. A lot of people. So you all better look out.

Question:Who’s going to win the Super Bowl?

Delmonico: Tom Brady.

*Audience boos*

Question: This is for Delmonico. If you were stranded on an island, would you rather eat the sand or chicken tenders?

Delmonico: The sand. Definitely right now, I’m not having chicken tenders for a long time. I had food poisoning on Tuesday from chicken tenders. So the sand.”

Sanchez: Ahhh, sorry.

Question: What are your thoughts on [Manny] Machado possibly coming to the team?

Sanchez: Kenny!

*points toward the back where Kenny Williams was sitting*

Anderson: It’s be cool to have him. I think we do more special things than we’re already going to do. I think he’d be a great bat for our team, great defense — all-around player. You can never have too many great players on one team.

Question: Who are the most annoying fans?

Delmonico: Cubs fans.

*Entire panel agrees*

Question: Who is the fastest baseball player on the stage?

Anderson: I won’t say nothing. They know.

Engel: Fastest at running? Only one way to find out.

Anderson: I’m ready whenever.

Question: Daniel Palka has been saying that he’s the nicest looking guy on the team. Who do you think is the best-looking guy on the team?

Anderson: Me.

Sanchez: Me.

Delmonico: Yolmer.

Anderson: Yolmer is pretty cute. I like him.

Engel: Who has the most money on them?

Sanchez: I’ll give you $20.

Engel: Yolmer.

Anderson: $25.

Engel: Tim.

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