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56 photos of Michael Jordan through the years to celebrate his 56th birthday

Chicago Bulls great Michael Jordan and his father, James Jordan. | Sun-Times file photo

For an athlete who made the impact that Michael Jordan did, it should be no surprise that his birthday serves as an opportunity to toast one of the all-time greats. Many of the greatest players in the game today grew up watching highlights of the Bulls guard who couldn’t be stopped en route to six championships. There’s an entire brand built around his name and likeness.

So with Jordan turning 56 on Sunday, it’s been cause for celebration across the basketball world. There have been countless tributes and remembrances of his greatest moments. We’ve gotten awesome dunk compilations and old school ball fake compilations. We’ve gotten another teaser of ESPN’s big documentary on the 1998 Bulls, which cruelly won’t be out until 2020. We’ve gotten reminders of his most hilarious interview moments.

When you have a career like Jordan’s, there’s no shortage of memories to look back on.

So in honor of the 56th birthday of the former Bull, here’s a look back at 56 of our favorite photos from the Sun-Times archives.