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ENDORSEMENT: Jaime Guzman for 14th Ward alderman

14th Ward aldermanic candidate Jaime Guzman meets with the Sun-Times Editorial Board Jan. 17. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Southwest Side

Ald. Ed Burke is running for re-election because, sure, he’s been charged with trying to shake down a local business to enrich himself, but he’s not been found guilty. So where’s the beef? Burke’s problem is that the federal charge surprised nobody. His law firm, specializing in property tax appeals, has been magically successful in roping in clients who need a friendly alderman at their side. Case in point would be Donald Trump, who hired Burke’s firm to do the tax work on Trump Tower Chicago. Our endorsement goes to Jaime Guzman, a former legislative analyst for U.S. Rep. Jesus “Chuy” Garcia when Garcia was a member of the Cook County Board. Guzman is up on the issues and savvy about how stuff gets done in government. Garcia endorsed another candidate in this race, civil engineer Tanya G. Patino, but he admits to thinking highly of Guzman, too. Guzman is the far more qualified challenger.



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